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The Art of Joy

The Art of Joy

“Joy” can not be summed up in one easy sentence. To experience “joy” is to experience something deeper than a momentary sense of elation. “Joy” is deeply rooted and anchored and very much alive.

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Our Services

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Steve Stavs has been captivating audiences around the globe with his inspiring, insightful and thought-provoking keynote addresses. He expertly weaves together an understanding of his 7 pillars to thriving, revealing biohacks for youthful ageing and how to live a purpose-filled life of vibrance and longevity.
Book Steve to speak at your event today.

Biohacking Coaching


Looking to improve your energy, health, performance or wellbeing in business? Join our Coaching Programme and partner with our coaches in a relationship that equips you with the tools you need to thrive and succeed.

Biohacking Consult


Interested in Biohacking your life to improve the quality? Book a consultation with Steve or one of the Expert Thrivists and let them deconstructed the plethora of information into an accessible format and help you Thrive!

You can design your life to reach your optimal potential

Steve Stavs founded Made To Thrive when he saw more and more people were desperate to build a life of meaning and thriving. Over 16 years of specialist consultations it became evident that clients had little comfort of where to start or what actions to embark on when faced with the overwhelming plethora of information at their disposal. As Africa’s Pro Biohacker & Health Futurist, Lifestyle Designer and Business Performance Coach, Steve felt he could help research and reveal key biohacks to thriving. Between him and the team of Thrivists, they are committed to partnering with clients to walk a journey of designing an individual path to thriving, supporting followers who need knowledge, support and guidance.

Fuel Your Passion | Purpose


Made To Thrive helps you to define your purpose. By understanding your purpose, you can align your goals and values to create a life of significance for yourself and the community you are part of.

Build a Community


A community comprises people who will celebrate your highlights, journey with you in your grief and share life’s special moments.



Made To Thrive will show you how you can improve your sex life, boost your health, and enhance your mood through appropriate physical activity for where you are right now. Are you ready to get moving?



Understanding what good nutrition is goes beyond diets and culinary fads – it is a lifelong commitment to eating in a way that promotes mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.



Sleep is as essential to your health as proper nutrition and regular exercise. Made To Thrive explores the factors that may be keeping you awake and offers advice and tools to a better night’s sleep.



Made To Thrive is committed to educating our network about the potential effects your environment can have on your overall performance and wellness.

Self Quantification


Self-quantification provides an audit into your personal health, fitness and mental markers, so that you can get an expert external view of key health data points.

Before You Leave...

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WHOOP Tracks Sleep, Stress, Strain, Recovery, and Health data, and offers personalised coaching. 

WHOOP Bands purchased direct from Made To Thrive include a 30 minute video consult to help you understand the data.

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