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Suffering with illness until 200? No way! I choose thriving!

Apr 24, 2019 - 0 comments

Whilst driving down William Nicol a few months back, I came to the intersection of Sandton Drive and was struck by the Sanlam advertisement on the giant billboard which beamed the enormity of the message that the first person who will live to 200 years old,has already been born!

Now this realisation jolted me a little- to some extent it freaked me out! And everyone who I have spoken to since then, has emphatically denounced that there is no way they would like to live to 200 years old! Is this based on our current reference of aging as coupled with degrading health, disease and illness?

  • What if we could live a life of thriving until 200 years old?
  • How might life feel more fulfilling, revitalising and joyful if these added years could be ones we would not want to lose out on?

What’s interesting about life is that many people fear death- this is not a scary thought for me. What does worry me however is the thought of living to 150 and suffering with disease, chronic illness, possible cancers or Alzheimers… conditions which rob me of a life of thriving.


As a passionate, inspirational revealer on how to live a life of thriving, I want to introduce you to our new brand of Made To Thrive.

I invite you to journey with us through following our 7 pillars to vibrancy in your life. You may be reading this at the age of 25 or 65- either way,  I’m sure you want to live a life of vitality and zeal.

Our first pillar is that of community. As fitness and nutrition expert and author Ben Greenfield notes, there is a fascinating link between love, family, social connectedness and relationships (to ensuring) a longer lifespan.

So what does this mean for you or those closest to you?

  • Do you have a network or relationships with people who you really trust?
  • Who would you/ could leave your children with- especially those under the age of 5?
  • Who could you trust to care for your elderly parents?
  • Who could you call 3 weeks in a row at 2am in the morning asking for help and know that they would be there for you in any emergency?

A sign of your community is the people that celebrate your victories, walk with you in your times of grief and live life’s moments with you.

I’m reminded of ancient traditions that meet at the local square, the synagogue or church on a daily basis. Some of them even go as far as to meet twice a day. A community is a group of people that know you. A group who knows your children and who really have your best interests at heart. In many ways, life has become narcissistic with people looking out only for themselves… but who would you like to share your life with and do you place high value on this in your life?

Let us journey with you. Book a consultation or coaching engagement to explore the 7 pillars and understand how community impacts your thrive.


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