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Free Nutritional Science eBook

Nutritional Science eBook

Do you feel bewildered and directionless when it comes to nutritionfoodmeal plansweight and diet? Have you committed to and diligently followed diet protocols but struggle to maintain optimum, long term weight stabilityDo the words ‘food‘ and ‘diet‘ trigger frustration, confusion, disappointment, longing, dissonance, complexity and limitation?

The largest challenge we face with nutrition is the myopic view that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to eating and weight management. Yet each of us is genetically, physiologically and biologically unique and so what works for your friend or family member’s drastic weight reduction, may not be the optimal solution for you. Empower yourself with the knowledge of Nutritional Science to celebrate and nourish your unique physiology and biology and discover a way of life that will lead to Sustained Transformation.

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Light Diet eBook

Over the past century, diet has become synonymous with health. Food diet that is. From low carb to no carb, vegan to carnivore, food diets are everywhere. So then why are many health outcomes getting worse? Why are conditions like diabetes and obesity only increasing with each passing year? 

One major reason is because the most important diet has been left in the dark – the light diet. 

Light is fundamental to life. It is equally fundamental to health. Light is the conductor to the symphony of your bodily function. But not any light, and not at any time. 

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