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EMF Radiation: Call a Geobiologist!

Jun 5, 2019 - 0 comments

Global technologies giant Dell, famously quote in a 2017 report that “85% of jobs that will exist in 2030, haven’t been invented yet.” At the forefront of this explosion into new professions, is that of an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Consultant.

I am pleased to share with you that I had the privilege of attending and successfully completing training through The Geovital Academy – an international institute with 35 years’ experience and the only Geobiology accredited facility in the world. In what has been the most eye-opening training I have done to date, I am proud to be able to offer EMF Building Assessments to my clients.

Dirty electricity is pervasive. We can’t see it. We can’t hear it. Yet its zapping us and ‘WiFrying’ us 24 hours a day. Investigating and understanding our domestic exposure enables us to make improvements that will be significant for restored health. Our consultations include a home visit where we conduct an assessment and formulate an approach for you that is logical, verifiable and durable.

SteveStavs EMF Building Biologist

The first and primary focus should be in one’s bedroom– a space where we have a large measure of control and ability to manage exposure. Our bedrooms are where we sleep and so a healthy sleep environment allows the body’s repair mechanism to flourish.

Home and bedroom radiation assessments

Healthy sleep is vitally important. People who sleep well fight disease more effectively and replenish their energy reserves overnight. In modern life we are exposed in our sleeping and living room areas to a multitude of radiation sources. These contributing factors are inside and outside the home. This radiation is invisible, but it affects our body functions in a significant way.

There are a few things you can easily do to protect yourself but for other more persistent sources of radiation you need to put radiation elimination or shielding products in place. Using my EMF meters and Geopathic Evaluations, I will guide you through this process by conducting a thorough assessment of your environment. The evaluation will investigate your total EMF exposure and then develop a plan with appropriate products that suit your lifestyle and budget.

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The purpose of a bedroom assessment: regain your rejuvenating sleep

The goal of bedroom assessments is to:

  1. reveal sources of radiation (using various imported EMF assessment meters)
  2. then develop a strategy to effectively protect you and your family against radiation

You are given concrete solutions which will enable you to obtain a healthier, more effective and restful sleep.

Best value for your health

To combat the unrelenting assault of electronic pollution, I have straight forward, verifiable shielding and elimination solutions available. As a Geovital consultant I will gladly tell you about the materials suitable for your situation and how to use them correctly.

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Planning your assessment- a lot more than just measurements

For your bedroom assessment, please plan for a time frame of approximately 2 hours. During this time:

  • I will explain what we do during an assessment
  • Your assistance will be required during some of the investigation of radiation sources
  • You will even be able to take some measurements yourself
  • At the end of the assessment I will summarise the findings and recommend a suitable approach


What is included in a Made To Thrive Geovital radiation assessment?

Every house reveals different issues and encourages a unique approach. A Geovital assessment would normally include the following but this may be expanded upon.

  • Measurement of low frequency electromagnetic fields from power cables and wiring (running past the property, to the property and within the walls of the property), solar panels and inverters (only possible during the day)
  • Measurement of low frequency electric field exposure which is an issue in 90 to 95% of homes when we ask you as the client to lie on your bed and we measure your body for exposure
  • Measurement of high frequency radiation exposure, also while lying on the bed
  • Assessment of daytime areas and showing you sources of radiation you can easily address yourself
  • Which circuits are responsible for radiation exposure in your home and bedrooms
  • We give you some pointers on how to reduce radiation exposure in a home office if you have one
  • Measurement of Geopathic Stress in the bedroom: This is far more impressive when I as the consultant don’t know where you sleep or what health issues you are bothered by. So I will encourage you to elaborate on your health issues, if you wish… when the assessment is completed
  • During the assessment a Geovital measurement protocol (report) will be filled in and left with you for future reference at the conclusion
  • At the end of the assessment, I will summarise the findings and if needed, suggest an approach to deal with issues found in a verifiable way. And if you wish, you can order the required products from me

It will be an eye-opening experience that both you and your significant other (if you have one) should be present to witness.

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Cost of a Made To Thrive Geovital Home assessment

The complete home assessment cost is ZAR 5000 ex VAT (including travel within a 50km radius of 3 Nursery Lane Sandton.)


For consultations further than 50km outside of Johannesburg central, a further travel levy will be charged based on your location.

EMAIL us if you would like to discuss a consultation further.

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