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EMFs are the New Smoking!

May 28, 2019 - 0 comments

New research reveals that Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation from your mobile phone, surrounding wifi, blue tooth devices and cell towers can be just as bad as smoking cigarettes!

This is a very concerning health threat- especially given the invisible nature of these fields and the fact that we are surrounded by them unwittingly. Cell phones are so enabling to our modern lifestyle, yet their radiation, together with other EMFs has such a pervasive impact on our health- zapping us 24.7!

So let’s unpack what EMFs are:

The World Health Organization defines an electro magnetic field as:

Electric fields are created by differences in voltage. The higher the voltage, the stronger the resultant field will be. Magnetic fields are created when electric current flows: the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field.”

Fields around earth

Anything electrical therefore gives off electromagnetic fields (EMFs) but the worst offenders are: 

  • Cell phones

Cell phones emit microwave and radio frequency radiation which penetrates your body’s skin, cells, tissue and organs. 

  • WiFi

WiFi routers are all around us- in our offices, homes, coffee shops and shopping centres. Invariably they are on 24 hours a day and so are emitting continual, relentless radio frequencies similar to that of the mobile phone.

  • Smart meters, circuit breaker panels/ fuse boxes

Many of our homes have recently received upgraded smart meters in our circuit breaker panels so that electricity and gas usage can be read wirelessly. EMFs in a home are strongest around the circuit breaker panel- add in WiFi radio frequencies and we’re receiving a double dose of EMFs in the perceptual ‘safety’ of our own homes.

sources-of-emf-infographic_56ab3c6580eb5.jpg 1000 x 600

Researcher and investigative Health Journalist, Nick Pineault has just released a report proving that EMFs are linked with fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, and over a dozen other symptoms. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, one of the leading functional medicine doctors in the world, has observed that EMFs are the cause for many of these conditions- often explained as Mystery Diseases. He also notes the specific impact that EMFs have on digestive issues in patients.

Some of the leading EMF scientists note that EMFs should be classified as Class 1 Carcinogens– in other words, equivalent to smoking or the harmful effect of asbestos. What is worrying is that Global (let alone South African) EMF ‘safety’ standards haven’t been updated since 1996 and these were based on exposure to 1 unit only! How times have changed.

EMF symptoms

Pervasive roll out of 5G

New technologies like 5G networks are excitedly being rolled out yet are you aware that ZERO biological studies in respect of their safety have been conducted? This is equivalent to launching a new line of pharmaceuticals without one test being conducted to prove contra indications or efficacy. In a bold stand to support human, nature and animal safety, the cities of Brussels, Belgium, Geneva and Switzerland have all halted the installation of 5G until more studies are conducted. This is great news that these concerns are being heard, but for cities where these moratoriums are not being considered, there are ways we can start to protect ourselves and our families. Are you aware that growing children’s brains are especially at risks as their head absorbs twice the radiation compared to adults? Scary, isn’t it?


You can dramatically reduce your EMF exposure and immediately feel the benefits of a low-EMF lifestyle… without spending much time and money.

Simple tips to dramatically reduce EMF exposure

  1. Put your phone on “Airplane Mode” when you carry it on your body.
  2. Put your phone on “Airplane Mode” at night and do not use it in your bedroom.
  3. Always keep a 1 foot distance between you and your cell phone when you use it. Use the speakerphone functionality or earbuds if you need to talk on it.
  4. Switch off your WiFi at night.
  5. Keep iPads and laptops as far away from your body as possible.

I encourage you to guard yourself and your family against this ‘invisible’ problem.


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