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Jun 10, 2019 - 0 comments

On Sunday I successfully completed my 11th Comrades Marathon under the race slogan of Sizonqoba– together we triumph. What a poignant tag line for a journey of 89km, surrounded by fellow athletes… each digging deep to the reserves of their souls whilst motivating, encouraging and supporting each other to the victories achieving their goals.

Over the months of my training towards ‘the Big C’, I couldn’t help but be struck by the parallel of this race theme to that of one that is pervasive in my practice, my community and across my networks. The Other Big C… Cancer.

Lucky Strike 1000 x 600

Research has proven that cell phones cause cancer. Cancer is fast about to eclipse heart disease as the number one cause of death in North America. 1600 Americans and 8000 Chinese die per day from a disease that could be prevented.

And whilst public anxiety about the risks of radiation is on the rise, the responses from large Telco’s is reminiscent of the strategic response of tobacco companies in the 1930s. Under threat of public health concern about smoking, tobacco giants developed advertising that included subliminal endorsement by physicians. Scary, but true.

I predict that within the next 5 years, cell phone manufacturers will have to include radiation warnings on the packaging of cell phones– just as cigarette boxes are mandated to display today.

Cell phone in box with warning

I can confidently assert that each of us has probably been touched by cancer in some way- be it via a family member or friend, colleague or connection in our community. And the same applies to how each of us are touched by the pervasiveness of radiation daily. And it is for this reason that we need to stand together to triumph over radiation which is causing disturbances in the human body- one of the most significant impacts is on the male sperm count in Western countries which has been declining rapidly to the point that male fertility is under threat. A recent research study showed a 59.3% decline in sperm count over a 40-year study.

Cell phone radiation image

Of specific concern to me is the impact of WiFi on our kids– especially now that WiFi is available in a lot of schools. On January 2015, the French National Assembly made history by passion new national law to reduce wireless radiation and electromagnetic exposures for kids by banning WiFi in nursery schools and setting limitation mandates for WiFi exposure for junior and senior schools. This is a significant move by a first world country as a stand against the deleterious effects of radiation and if this is being legislated as such in first world countries, it’s time for us to take note, stand together and actively take steps to protect ourselves… together, as it collective as it cannot be done in isolation.

Ensure you empower yourself with the knowledge of how to protect yourself against radiation.

Book a consultation to have the EMF levels of your home assessed.

Sizonqoba. Stand together. Learn about the action you can take. Spread the learnings to triumph over radiation.

Yours in thriving triumph… together with you!

Cancer-Warning-Labels Einstein

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