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Water Isn’t Just Water

Sep 15, 2021 - 0 comments

Water isn’t just water. At least not anymore. Water is yet another of the ceaselessly increasing casualties of modernity. It’s no longer natural. At least in cities. Sure, if you’re lucky enough to still drink from a spring, again lucky you. But that isn’t the majority of us. Most of us are consuming water from either the tap or buying it in bottles. Either way, that water has lost its integrity and its aliveness. It’s “dead”.

And that’s holds even if you’re making the effort, and spending the extra cash, to buy filtered, purified, UV treated, reverse osmosis, ozone infused and whatever else is being done to water in an effort to remove the plethora of chemical, biological and inert pollutants modernity has inflicted upon H20.



Because water has been stripped off the integrity of its natural structure. So whilst many of us are familiar with the aforementioned distilled or purified forms, very few people have heard of structured water.

Structured water is water that has been vibrationally ordered. Which may sound a little new-agey. But it’s not. The process is an entirely natural one. Unsurprisingly, water in nature is constantly moving and transforming. It travels in a river by running, twisting and turning over, under and between stones and plants (known as vortexing). It’s powerfully pressurised in springs deep below the ground. It moves between its natural states of gas, liquid and solid via evaporation, condensation, and freezing. Naturally occurring water is additionally constantly touched by sunlight. All these processes, individually and collectively, result in structured water.

Again, this is no longer the case. Water consumed in cities is riddled with chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, pathogens and spends most its time sitting in artificial pipes, artificial tanks and artificial reservoir or treated and stored in almost always plastic bottles. This water is subjected to minimal to no natural flow and light. This type of water is referred to as bulk water.

Structured water, also known as EZ water (exclusion zone), fourth phase water or liquid crystalline water, is literally structured molecularly differently to bulk water. This water is no longer H20, but a H3O2 molecule and exists in a transitional phase between ice and water that expresses itself in a hexagonal, honeycomb akin to liquid crystalline. This was uncovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack, a biomedical engineer who has dedicated his professional career to the study of water.

His research demonstrates that not all water is created equal. And when it comes to structured water, it displays several interesting properties. Firstly, its exclusionary property, hence the name EZ. Meaning, because of the lattice, crystal like structure foreign particles and solutes (such as toxins and pathogens) are incapable of attaching themselves to the water. Furthermore, the water is negatively charged, not the neutral, inert substance we learn about in school. Dr. Pollack then ran experiments that demonstrated that when exposed to light, particularly infrared light, the EZ zone would both amplify as well as create energy. Meaning that structured water behaves like a light driven battery.


But why does any of this matter to you?

Because you are made of water. Anywhere between 60% and 70% of the human body is composed of water. Muscles are 99% water molecules. And because Dr. Pollack’s work postulates that the water within living cells is in fact not bulk H20 but the structured H3O2 variety, the human cell itself is also a light driven battery.

Therefore, the greater the volume and consistency of structured/EZ water you have in your cells, the healthier and more effectively they function and therefore the healthier and more effectively you function. Reported benefits of increasing the presence of structured water in your body include improved hydration, increased energy, increased feeling of wellbeing, improved metabolism and DNA strengthening.


How do you get your hands on some structured water? 

Well, clearly you already do. You wouldn’t be alive without it. It’s inherent to your biology. However, these inherent mechanisms are not always aligned with modern lifestyles. Like the bulk water we drink, city dwelling humans are similarly subjected to minimal to no natural flow and light.

So here’s what you can do:

  1. Drink water
    That’s a pretty obvious one.  Your body is inherently capable of creating this structured water (via a biophotonic process that occurs in the capillaries), and water in the H20 form is the required building blocks. So drink sufficient amounts of water daily, and the cleaner the water the better.
  2. Drink Coconut Water and Juicing
    Structured water is naturally occurring and pre-formed in plant cells. Dr. Pollack recommends coconut water and green juices whereas Sayer Ji, author of Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience through the New Biology, writes that structured water is naturally occurring in apples.
  3. Catch Some Sun
    Light is life, that’s something we firmly believe at Made to Thrive. Sunshine interacts with the water in your blood and cells to structure water.
  4. Sauna
    The infrared light inherent to heat again structures the water in your body. This can be powerfully amplified utilising Sauna Space’s incandescent saunas.
  5. Ground Yourself
    Due to the natural and profoundly powerful negative charge from the Earth, making regular and meaningful contact with the ground will build structured water in your cells.

And finally, create and consume your own structured water. There are several biohacking products available that will vibrationally re-order run of the mill bulk water into structured water. And by drinking water already in its structured form you are providing the body with the final product instead of the raw material, saving energy by skipping the necessary steps to structure the water as well as creating energy by providing the body’s cells with the water it needs to function effectively.

Full disclosure, the “science” on structured water isn’t conclusive, though this is hardly discrediting. There is a growing swath of real people providing experiential evidence of the benefits of drinking structured water. Including the world’s most trusted biohacker Ben Greenfield himself, who reports improved sleep, energy and performance.

Dr. Pollack has described genuine structured water providing “unimaginably good health outcomes even going as far as curing “serious pathologies”.

I actually examined hospital records, and that colleague of mine went to interview the patients, and this scoop is this, these are patients, there were a handful of them so far.  The patients who had irreversible kidney disease, and they were about to go on dialysis, looking for a replacement kidney.  So, they knew about this guy and they started drinking the water.  So, the hospital records confirmed what my friend told me, that in 21 days, or three weeks after drinking the water, they couldn’t find any more pathology.  It was reversed.” 

You can watch Dr. Pollak’s TED talk here:


How do you structure your own water?

We can help you with that. One of Made To Thrive’s most successful partnerships has been with Somavedic, a holistic harmonisation device for our body and environment. Among its many amazing benefits, is the ability to create structured water. Several models have the water structuring power, but we love the Medic Green Ultra for its comprehensive features and value. Not only does it structure your water, it does all the other magic of Somavedic – 5G and EMF mitigation, virus/bacterial/pathogenic elimination and overall home harmonisation.

Remember, water isn’t just water. Not anymore. To bring water back to its natural state we need to harmonise and structure it.

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