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Practical Tips to Biohacking

Aug 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Steve Stavs, Africa’s professional biohacker and performance coach, and the host of our podcast – The Made To Thrive Show, was recently featured in the the Business Days Wanted Online Article “Practical Tips To Give Biohacking a Test Run”. Steve shared many tips and recommendations on how to get stated with Biohacking, such as:

  • Discover your unique purpose and delight in it.
  • Respect your circadian rhythm.

Read more in the original article, Practical tips to give biohacking a test run on their website.

If you are ready to ready to take the next steps on your Biohacking Journey, Read more in the articles on our Blog, Subscribe to The Made To Thrive Show on your favourite podcast platform, or book a biohacking consulting session with Steve and see how he can help your Thrive.

If you have already started on your Journey, perhaps download one of our eBooks or try one of our recommended products to help you on the way to reaching your optimal potential.

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