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5 Principles of Nutritional Science

Made To Thrive’s approach to nutritional health considers 5 core principles as paramount:

  1. Defining nutritional goals

Weight loss is often the largest driver around nutrition and eating when in fact this may be one of the micro benefits of a range of multiple, macro goals. Nutritional goals vary from person to person- whether its healing from an auto immune disease or a desire for an approach to target improved general health, performance, anti-ageing or weight loss… In any of these scenarios, it is vitally important that we are able to clearly define and articulate our goals.

The reason for this is that is that a diet that has improved your health for a specific condition may not be the suitable diet that is good or healthy for you on an ongoing basis.

Knowing when to use the right nutritional programme and at the right time, is the game changer in nutritional health and freedom.  Knowing where to start and which nutritional programme is best for you can be overwhelming. This is where Made To Thrive will partner with you to understand and map your goals, according to your uniqueness, applying the most appropriate plan for you at the specific point in time, to ensure long term success. Contact us.


  1. You are unique

Not only will your goals differ from another person’s but your biology and physiology is unique. Truly understanding this uniqueness by looking at a range of quantification measures, ensures a more targeted approach to a nutritional solution and therefore longer-term success of the positive outcome. Made To Thrive will partner with you to reveal these measures to equip you to understand your uniqueness in more quantified ways and thus be able to monitor your progress with actual data coupled with an application of your own intuition and feeling how your body responds.


  1. Listen to your own intuition and how your body responds

The more we are able to match a body response or feeling to an understanding of the quantification of our rhythms, processes, metabolism and health, the more impactful the habit formation is, the stronger the relationship is with our body and the more sustainable a nutritional science approach to our lives becomes in the long term.

  1. Metabolic flexibility

If we look at ancestral wisdom, humans were able to move rhythmically from a feast to a famine cycle. In seasons or times when there wasn’t much food the body’s ability to break down fat stores kicked in for sustained energy. However, in times of plenty, the body’s metabolic flexibility enables the dual digestion of both primary sources of fuel– namely fat and carbohydrates (protein in its source is broken up into glucose eventually and so mimics a carbohydrate). Our current lifestyles are arguably in continual feast season which does not support metabolic flexibility. By partnering with Made To Thrive, we will guide you with tips and tools to reintroduce this critical metabolic flexibility.  


  1. Biohacking – Sleep data, ketone equipment, body composition and bloods

How often have you felt disheartened applying a nutritional programme to your life that has worked wonders for a friend, but which does not seem to yield the same successes for you? This is because you are unique. But understanding this uniqueness with self-quantification tools enables a targeted and custom designed approach to nutrition based on your own markers.

  • Do you understand the impact of your sleep data on your nutritional health? Do you measure your sleep data?
  • Do you know what ketones are and what role they play- how to test them?
  • Have you had your body composition measures done or your bloods taken to understand which nutritional approach is best for you against your goals, coupled with this data which reflects the moment in time of your body’s uniqueness?

Made To Thrive partners with you to reveal these tools to assist you on your journey to nutritional thriving.


Are you ready to start Quantifying your body? Started by your Body’s Glucose Levels by Purchasing the FreeStlye Libre Glucose Monitor Patch from Made To Thrive, which comes with 2 sessions to get your started and understand the results.

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