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Nutritional Science Series 12: Keto Success! Keto Proof!

Sep 24, 2019 - 0 comments

Our Nutritional Science Series has comprehensively covered the Ketogenic protocol in detail. But you may be thinking ‘this is all great in theory, but where’s the proof?’ Today we share the success stories of 2 Made To Thrive clients who I coached through their ketogenic journey to improved health and thriving.

Mrs A has been a Made To Thrive client since 2015. She has Fibromyalgia which results in her suffering with multiple joint pain, fatigue and anxiety. In 2018, she was diagnosed as having a Fatty Liver condition which necessitated urgent weight loss. I was privileged to have the opportunity to treat Mrs A with a holistic approach including a ketogenic eating protocol coupled with Chinese Medical treatments.

A complete Body Composition Assessment was conducted on the 10 April 2018 and then again on 6th September 2019 and the results of this have been astounding.

  • Weight: A reduction from 93.9kilograms to 74.9kilograms. This is a total weight loss of 19 kilograms! 
  • Body Fat: A reduction from 48.5 kilograms of body fat to 34.6kilograms. This is a mammoth loss of 13.9 kilograms of body fat!
  • Fat Percentage: A reduction from 51.7 % to 46.2 %
  • Lean weight: reduced from 45.4kilograms to 40.3 kilograms

The holistic treatment regime has also resulted in a significant improvement in joint pain and improved energy levels.

Mrs A Before and After Keto

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.12.59 AM

Mr D has been an athlete client of Made To Thrive since 2006 and has been treated for muscular release as well as Prolotherapy on his lower back. In 2009, Mr D weighed 97kg and slowly, through his own process of diet management and a tailored, focused coaching programme for his running endeavours, reduced his weight to the mid 70kgs.

In 2017, he consulted Made To Thrive to improve his body composition as a contributor towards wanting to achieve improved times in his running performance. Whilst Mr D had lost significant weight, he needed to become fat adapted and lower his body fat percentage. Through following the Made To Thrive Keto Programme, the following successes were achieved over a 6 month period.

  • Weight moved from 76.2 kilograms to 71.1kilograms. A total loss of 5.1 kilograms
  • Fat Percentage moved down from 15.5% to 13.9%
  • Lean Weight shifted from 64.4 kilograms down to 61.2 kilograms
  • Body fat reduced from 11.8 kilograms to 9.9 kilograms- a total loss of 1.9 kilograms of body fat

Over the years, Mr D’s Comrades Marathon finishing time has moved from 11:06:02 to his PB of 08:02:55!

As the before and after pictures indicate, one can lose weight but the ideal goal is to improve the muscle to fat ratio. Mr D’s athletic performance was positively improved and his energy levels increased substantially. He has also noted the simplicity of the keto programme which is easy and fuss-free–  not adding an extra complexity factor to juggle in between training and managing a crammed work schedule.

Mr D's weight loss, followed by Ketogenic Adaption for improved BMI

Mark before and after

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