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Research shows that people who are part of a community with strong personal networks are more content and have a longer health-span. People who feel isolated, however, often suffer from feelings of irritability, depression, and despair. A community comprises people who will celebrate your highlights, journey with you in your grief and share life’s special moments.

Made To Thrive asks exploratory questions like:

  • Why should you belong to a community?
  • What does community mean to you?
  • Who is your community?
  • How do you form a community and how do you reap and share the benefits of belonging to multiple communities?

The Biohacking Big Bang

We’re not victims of our modern lives and we don’t all have to run away from cities in search of blue zones. Biohacking puts the power back into our own hands harnessing our own unique data to create transformation that lasts. Awareness is the first step to taking your life back and creating the one you know you’re worth.

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Your Very Own Doctor Feelgood

We all want to feel good, and many of us go to extreme lengths to do so. That includes many high risk/high reward but also high consequences behaviours. Yet, Pleasure is such an underrated piece of the wellbeing puzzle which many overlook.

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Before You Leave...

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WHOOP Tracks Sleep, Stress, Strain, Recovery, and Health data, and offers personalised coaching. 

WHOOP Bands purchased direct from Made To Thrive include a 30 minute video consult to help you understand the data.

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