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“If we want to feel an undying passion for our work [or our being, life, wellness], if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY.”
― Simon Sinek, Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

Made To Thrive helps you to define your purpose. Once you understand your WHY, the how and what will follow. By understanding your purpose, you can align your goals and values to create a life of significance for yourself and the community you are part of. By knowing your WHY, and respecting the WHY in others, you can shift your thinking from “TGIF, to thank God it’s Monday.”

  • What’s your why?
  • Do you base your life’s most important decisions on this why?

Interested in letting Made To Thrive help you find your WHY? Click Here to find out how Steve Stavs, Professional Biohacker & Founder of Made To Thrive can help you.

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Life is a complex and mysterious phenomenon that has puzzled and fascinated humans for centuries. Some people believe that life has a predefined meaning and purpose, while others think that life is what you make of it. In this article, we will explore meaning and purpose in life, and how they can help you live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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15 Life-Changing Minutes

Just 15 minutes can change your life. Just fifteen minutes a day. That’s one quarter of one hour of your daily 24 hours. Fifteen minutes

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What Is Mindfulness?

Yield to who you are and what you’re created for. Surrender judgement and allow your present moment to find you. In the space of being fully aware, we allow ourselves to recognise the space we fill and how our entirety feels in this present moment. We begin to listen.

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