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Self-quantification provides an audit into your personal health, fitness and mental markers, so that you can get an expert external view of key health data points.

From a self-leadership perspective, Made To Thrive makes use of 360-degree assessments in order to objectively assess your characteristics, behaviours and attitudes. The combined data from independent health, physical, mental and leadership evaluations will give you crucial insights into your current state of being, and also empower you to take action. Importantly, this also gives you a benchmark for improvement along your journey.

Can you quantify the answers to the following:

  • What are the most important blood test results that you need to know on a regular basis?
  • What percentage of lean muscle mass is optimal?
  • Do you know what your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) means to you?
  • What it is about meditation and mindfulness practices that increase and aid our performance?

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