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Milk Kefir grains

Milk Kefir

Yields10 ServingsPrep Time1 dayTotal Time1 dayCategory
A game changer for improving your microbiome, gut health and mental health! Kefir is the most economical, powerful, scientifically- backed probiotic available! Kefir is a thick, fermented milk drink. It tastes a bit like plain Greek yogurt – slightly sour and ultra-creamy. But even more so than yogurt, kefir is jam-packed with all kinds of gut-friendly probiotics!


 1.50 tbsp Milk kefir grains
 1 l Raw, full fat cow's milk (preferably unpasteurized)
 Milk kefir grains generally come either in a fresh or a dehydrated state. Often the easiest way to get fresh kefir grains is to get them from a friend already making kefir at home. Alternatively, most health shops stock kefir grains and kefir starter kits



Clean everything well with regular soap (avoid antimicrobial soaps). This includes hands, glass jugs, spoons- everything!


Add 1.5 Tbsps (ish) of the kefir grains to 1 liter of whole, raw milk in a large glass jug/ mason jar.

Cover the jug with either a few layers of paper towels or a few paper coffee filters. Secure with a rubber band to prevent any bugs or dust from getting in.


Set in a warm, dark spot (65 to 85°F / 18 to 29°C) for about 24 hours. You’ll know your kefir is done when it has slightly thickened and smells fermented. If you kefir has separated into yellowish watery-looking whey, that’s fine! It’s just a sign that you can either reduce the length of fermentation next time or use more milk in future.


Place a wide non-metal bowl under a fine-mesh non-metal colander (a plastic colander is great here). Pour finished kefir into the colander, stirring with a plastic or wooden spoon to gently force the kefir milk through.

The grains will remain behind and can be saved for your next batch.


Start new batch:
Rinse out the large jar that you fermented the grains in, then add the grains back into it.

Add 1 liter of fresh milk to start the process over again!


Store fresh kefir:
Transfer the finished kefir that collected in the wide bowl and transfer it to a sealable jar.

Store in the fridge for around 2 weeks.

Enjoy a small glass every day for the gold standard prescription of probiotic gut treatment!


Milk Kefir in the making

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