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Milk KefirA game changer for improving your microbiome, gut health and mental health! Kefir is the most economical, powerful, scientifically- backed probiotic available! Kefir is a thick, fermented milk drink. It tastes a bit like plain Greek yogurt – slightly sour and ultra-creamy. But even more so than yogurt, kefir is jam-packed with all kinds of gut-friendly probiotics!
Keto Savoury MuffinsStick to your Keto protocol but still enjoy the indulgence of a delicious, low carb , gluten free muffin! A great grain-free breakfast bread delight!
Bayo MayoA tuna mayo salad just isn't quite the same without the mayonnaise! But store-bought mayonnaise is often laden with sugar and contains toxins hidden in the emulsifiers and vegetable oils that are added during manufacturing. Try this Superfood Bayo Mayo for a keto friendly alternative that tastes even better than regular mayonnaise! Not only is it vegan, but its sugar free and versatile (great on salads or as a spread on seed crackers!) Recipe adjusted from Soaring Free Superfoods.
Low Carb, Banting RusksRusks, often humorously referred to as 'giant biscotti with attitude,' are part of South African heritage. No doubt every household has special memories of dunking a rusk in a warm beverage on a blustery winter, weekend morning. You need not be deprived of this 'Saffa favourite' on a low carb, ketogenic protocol. Here is a brilliant banting rusk recipe to savour and enjoy!
Blueberry Delight Brain Healing SmoothieStore bought smoothies may appear 'healthy' but can be laden with hidden sugar (sometimes as much as 3 cans of Coke!) Prepare your own, veggie-and-fruit-laden mind-protecting healthy meal in a glass with this smoothie recipe.
Keto, Low Carb Biltong PieThis recipe is a smart way of ensuring you get your much-loved biltong satisfaction, but within the recommended 15-25% daily protein macronutrient intake. Because biltong is dehydrated (and so moreish!), sometimes we can end up ingesting too much protein which inhibits ketosis.
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