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Keto Taco Nibble SnacksWhen you’re craving a savoury Keto snack, these nibbles hit the spot! They can also be crumbled as ‘croutons’ over a fresh garden salad, adding volume, taste and intrigue!
Taco SeasoningThis seasoned blend of spices is great for any Mexican dish but also adds zing to veggies, meat, seafood, rice or salads!
Keto SalsaThis full-bodied, fresh salsa is a great addition to appetiser snacks or as a topping for scrambled eggs. It can also be used as a tomato base to cook flavourful ground beef for Mexican festivities. Serve as a dipping sauce with cheeses and Keto Seed Crackers or Cheesy Keto Breadsticks.
Chocolate Keto MilkshakeThis keto chocolate shake is a breakfast and lunch meal replacement ensuring you sustain your ketogenic protocol and reduce the number of meals you consume per day.
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