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Baked Treats

2 Ingredient Chocolate TorteA quick and easy, but deliriously delightful, dense, gluten- free chocolate torte recipe to quell the chocolate cravings!
Cheesy Keto BreadsticksThese cheesy breadsticks offer a great keto, gluten free bread replacement. Ideal for dipping in soups or mopping up the sauce from a hearty casserole!
Chocolate ‘Ice Cream’ KissesWarning! These are possibly the most deliriously moreish keto treats to satisfy sugar cravings! Otherwise known as Keto Fat Bombs, these delights are great as an afternoon ‘ice cream’ treat on a hot summer day or served as a dessert after a low carb dinner party.
Raw Mango & Macadamia CheesecakeRaw vegan desserts have had a surge in popularity due to their nutrient-dense ingredients, as well as more people seeking sweet, delicious yet ‘clean’ treats. This easy gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free recipe requires only a food processor to blitz together ingredients to create three stunning layers. The tropical combo of mango, macadamia, and coconut is finished off with a squeeze of zesty lime juice to enhance all the flavours beautifully. Macadamias are waxy so they are fantastic for ‘creaming’, but cashews work equally well.
Festive Jolly Jammer Thumbprint CookiesWho remembers Jolly Jammers? The smiling, moreish jelly filled biscuit treats?! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just the holidays, these festive keto cookies are scrumptious, fun for the kids to make and will be devoured by the whole family
Keto Savoury MuffinsStick to your Keto protocol but still enjoy the indulgence of a delicious, low carb , gluten free muffin! A great grain-free breakfast bread delight!
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