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Drinks and Smoothies

Bicarb tonicAn excellent Tonic to boost athletic performance and promote recovery when pushing hard.It works by helping to neutralise Lactic acid which builds up in your muscles.
Chocolate Keto MilkshakeThis keto chocolate shake is a breakfast and lunch meal replacement ensuring you sustain your ketogenic protocol and reduce the number of meals you consume per day.
Made-To-Titanium TeaThis low caffeine tea has energy boosting, cleansing properties to enhance the effects of a Ketogenic protocol. It can be used to augment detoxification or used as a fuel replacement to enhance concentration and focus.
Milk KefirA game changer for improving your microbiome, gut health and mental health! Kefir is the most economical, powerful, scientifically- backed probiotic available! Kefir is a thick, fermented milk drink. It tastes a bit like plain Greek yogurt – slightly sour and ultra-creamy. But even more so than yogurt, kefir is jam-packed with all kinds of gut-friendly probiotics!
Blueberry Delight Brain Healing SmoothieStore bought smoothies may appear 'healthy' but can be laden with hidden sugar (sometimes as much as 3 cans of Coke!) Prepare your own, veggie-and-fruit-laden mind-protecting healthy meal in a glass with this smoothie recipe.
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