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Honey Fermented GarlicDelicious honey-fermented garlic is the easiest fermentable food there is to make! Once you get this batch going, you can keep it going forever, simply by adding more of either ingredient. It’s also a great way to preserve a bumper crop of garlic. Recipes and photos courtesy of Rural Sprout https://www.ruralsprout.com/honey-fermented-garlic/
Bayo MayoA tuna mayo salad just isn't quite the same without the mayonnaise! But store-bought mayonnaise is often laden with sugar and contains toxins hidden in the emulsifiers and vegetable oils that are added during manufacturing. Try this Superfood Bayo Mayo for a keto friendly alternative that tastes even better than regular mayonnaise! Not only is it vegan, but its sugar free and versatile (great on salads or as a spread on seed crackers!) Recipe adjusted from Soaring Free Superfoods.

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