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Biohacking Series: Introduction

If you’ve ever experienced improvements from any small, experimental changes applied to your diet, sleep, exercise regime or health protocols and have been become consciously aware of the feedback loop from your body, how you feel, what the input versus output effect is on your biology, you have been ‘biohacking’ your approach to health!

Steve Stavs, Africa’s Pro Biohacker & Health Futurist, shares some interesting tips in this video. 


What is biohacking?

Biohacking refers to the art and science of making incremental lifestyle changes to yield improvements in health and well-being. Responsible biohacking results come from walking a journey with cautious, well-informed partners who are passionate about health and thriving and who share tips and techniques to optimise well being. Biohacking makes use of self-quantification measures to help you achieve an improved state of being– anything from physical performance to disease prevention, sleep enhancement, mental and emotional well- being, nutrition management, body movement or purpose refinement. In essence, biohacking can be applied to any of Made To Thrive’s 7 pillars to reveal a life of thriving!

Our next series will be a Biohacking Series in which we will empower you with information on how to Biohack your Sleep, Work, Bloods and more!

Explore the world of biohacking with us as we equip you to become a citizen of your own biology!

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