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Sleep is a secret weapon. It is a gift in our toolbox – one that we all have access to, yet often don’t prioritise. Understanding the impact and benefits of sleep quantity and quality can be life changing. When I achieve my targeted sleep, I am alert, creative and focused for my clients. My workouts are some of the most energising and intense and my creativity and memory are at their peak.

Good sleep is as important to my success and health as proper nutrition and regular exercise are. Empirical results from research studies conducted at the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Business School show that a good night’s sleep can:

  • improve brain function
  • balance hormones that affect appetite
  • improve mind focus and memory
  • improve self-control
  • enhance business performance
  • reduce risk of depression

Human body and brain performance coach, Ben Greenfield is emphatic in advocating that a good night’s sleep allows you to train harder, achieve your physical goals and avoid hangry mistakes!

When sleep is deficient or imbalanced, it is one of the top causes for the unfortunate and unfavourable conditions of poor blood sugar control, food cravings, inflammation, depression and the lack of cellular recovery in the body. Poor sleep also increases the risk of stroke and heart disease.

When last did you wake up feeling completely refreshed? Do you really know how well you slept?

Are you aware that small changes to your room temperature or seeing the sun rise, can significantly impact your sleep quantity and quality?

Our team at Made to Thrive are passionate about sleep and aiding you to understand the factors keeping you awake whilst offering advice and tools to a better night’s sleep.


Small, routine adjustments can significantly improve your sleep quantity and quality.

Optimising your room’s sleep temperature is important. Your body heat peaks in the evening and then drops to its lowest when you’re asleep so a cool temperature of 16-18°C is the ideal room temperature.

Temperatures over 24°C may cause restlessness and a room that is too cold may make it too difficult to fall asleep.

Understand how well you sleep

Understanding how well you slept is the first step towards better sleep. But finding a way to measure and have feedback to understand this cycle, has historically been limited. Coupling a two-pronged approach of awareness of how you feel along with data insights that aid you to self-quantify your sleep and other variables, is invaluable. The Finnish-developed Oura Ring is a perfect fit to setting the right baseline of knowledge, enabling you to make the necessary changes for overall thriving.

The ring is packed with advanced sensors to register your body temperature reading every minute whilst you sleep. This rich data is collected and accessible to you via the free Oura app for iOS and Android. The app interprets the data real time, providing intelligent feedback on your sleep score, activity score and readiness score to start the day. The Oura Ring is light, compact and intelligently constructed. It helps you understand your body better enabling you to improve the most important aspects of your well-being to reach your goals.

Oura Sleep Insights

  • Oura guides you to find and maintain a bedtime that suits your daily rhythms, helping you feel energetic every day.
  • Oura keeps track of your nightly sleep cycle giving you feedback on the amount and timing of deep, REM and light sleep as well as possible awake time during the night.
  • Oura allows you to learn about your wellbeing with daily, weekly and monthly views on your sleep quality and contributors that affect it.

Oura Readiness Insights

  • Oura provides versatile recovery insights to help you know when its time to aim for peak performance and when it’s better to rest and recharge.
  • Heart Rate is one of the most common indicators of recovery and Oura shows you your resting heart rate throughout the night, together with minimum and average values
  • Oura records average and maximum Heart Rate Variability which is a measure of how your body recovers from exercise, stress and fatigue.
  • Oura records the average Respiratory Rate night on night- a good indicator of health and recovery.

Oura Activity Insights

  • Oura provides a daily activity goal based on the quality of your sleep and status of your recovery. It also helps you balance your activities so that there’s enough action and rest in your weeks.
  • Oura records your steps and calories
  • For those of us behind a desk, Oura keeps an eye on our sedentary time during the day, reminding us to stretch our legs every once in a while!
  • Oura tracks training frequency and volume which helps to achieve great results by balancing workout and recovery days.
  • Oura is always on, recording your daytime activity. Every moment counts when we talk about your metabolism and overall health. That’s why Oura tracks all your activities from light housework to heavy workouts. You can also add activities manually.


Made to Thrive highly recommends the Oura Ring so check it out now! Order your ring now and quantify yourself in ways you never thought possible!

Slide on the ring, transform your life!


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