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Electro-Pollution Fix

A Course on Minimising EMF Exposure

Join The EMF Guy Nick Pineault and EMF Mitigation Specialist Brian Hoyer for a 6-week EMF protection course which provides a step-by-step guide on how to minimise electro-pollution in the home.

The science is blindingly clear: Your cell phone Is NOT safe. Neither are your Wi-Fi router, so-called “smart” Bluetooth-enabled devices or wearables, cell phone towers, or any wireless technology for that matter. The non-ionising radiation they emit is unsafe — and at the moment we simply don’t know what a “safe” dose of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is.

Register to learn how to protect yourself and your family from these hidden enemies.
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Course Coming Soon

  • Week 1: Introduction & EMF Basics
  • Week 2: Minimizing Artificial Light
  • Week 3: Combatting Wireless Stress
  • Week 4: Electric Fields & Dirty Electricity
  • Week 5: Avoiding Magnetic Fields
  • Week 6: 5G, Cell Towers & Outside Electro-Pollution

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