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Elite HRV

Accurate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) You Can Trust

Go deeper and stop guessing your fitness, wellness and health decisions. The CorSense® Heart Rate Variability Monitor is a one-of-a-kind HRV sensor that puts convenient, accurate heart rate variability at your fingertip – no chest strap or 24/7 wearable required.

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Heart Rate Variability Monitor

R 5220.00 R 4437.00

CorSense® is designed foremost for accuracy. It measures accurate heart rate variability through pulse detection using a gold-standard 500hz multiwave sensor array that conveniently and comfortably slips over your finger.

Use CorSense® for at rest HRV measurements and Live Bio-feedback Training.

  • Your daily morning readiness score
  • Live HRV bio-feedback and guided breathing
  • Trending, analytics & deeper metrics like RMSSD, SDNN, LF/HF ratio.

Received your device? Download the companion App today to take your measurements:


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