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EMF Consultation and Evaluation

Dirty electricity is pervasive. We can’t see it. We can’t hear it. Yet its zapping us and ‘WiFrying’ us 24 hours a day. Investigating and understanding our domestic exposure enables us to make improvements that will be significant for restored health. Steve Stavs has been accredited by The Geovital Academyan international institute with 35 years’ experience and the only Geobiology accredited facility in the world, to conduct building assessments and to advise on the necessary precautions and shielding techniques.

Want to know more about what EMF Radiation does to your body? Read our series of articles on the effects of EMF.

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A Thrivist, who specialises in the effects of EMF, will come out to your home or workspace to conduct a EMF consultation using their EMF Meters & Geopathic Evaluations as well as advise you on the recommended products and precautions you can take to improve your health by shielding yourself from EMF radiation.

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