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Glucose Monitoring Consultation & Evaluation

Tired of the Painful finger prick glucose readings and want to see live trending data of your levels? Then Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is for you. Unlike single prick readings, CGM provides real-time, dynamic information about the speed and direction (trending higher or lower) of your glucose levels. Having continuous feedback on diet, exercise, and insulin requirements from a CGM can help you make more informed decisions.

At Made To Thrive we have bundled our Recommended CGM Sensor, the FreeStyle Libre, with video consultations to ensure that you understand how to use the CGM system, and receive the maximum benefit from the readings and data which are collected as well as how it can be applied to your Fasting or other dieting practices to achieve the best results.

R 3297 (R 3880 Value, save 15%)

The Package includes:

  • a FreeStyle Libre CGM Sensor kit which provides 14 Days of constant readings.
  • National door to door delivery in South Africa.
  • 2 Video consultations, of up to 30 minutes each, to help you get started and understand the readings and charts.

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