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Safe and Effective Exercise, Rehabilitation and Recovery

What if you could get a total-body, muscles-maxed workout, the kind that usually takes hours under heavy, sweat-soaked weights or pounding miles of road and trail, all in less than 30 minutes?

Better yet, what if — after that kind of workout — not only do you not feel any of the typical soreness that comes with pushing your body to total muscle failure, but you’re ready to do it again within just a few hours?

And what if you could get that workout with just a few basic body-weight exercises and minimal weights?

You can! With KAATSU!

Invented in Japan in 1966, KAATSU is a patented pneumatic equipment that enables your arms and legs to modify venous flow which leads to a cascade of positive physiological effects. This phenomenal product is supported by decades of extensive research at top academic institutions, specific protocols proven over millions of users in 32 countries, and patented procedures in sports, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness activities both in the water and on land.

Made To Thrive is the exclusive agent for KAATSU in South Africa and our clients will receive discounts on orders placed directly with us.

Please reach out for more information and special offers on their products.

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