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LEMON: Radically Fresh Leadership

LEMON is an assessment tool that helps you look at who you are, in a fresh way. It’s a methodology that can be undertaken at any time in your life:

  • When you are struggling financially
  • When you are having marital issues
  • When your company isn’t functioning at its optimal rate
  • When you just don’t understand your teenager
  • Or when you just need clarity on your own life’s journey

LEMON is a unique tool that will help you tremendously in taking the next step in your career, business and next phase of life. No more wasting time, resources and energy on what you shouldn’t be doing. Steve Stavs uses the LEMON methodology in his coaching practice. Find out more about the LEMON methodology by clicking here.

Enquire about our Coaching Services for a consultation or to explore the methodology for your business or family with Made To Thrive.

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The 3rd edition of LEMON Leadership has been revised and expanded to further deepen your understanding of the five leadership types.

Most experts describe only one or two leadership types, but LEMON Leadership expands our view and describes five distinct types of leaders.

  • Luminaries
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Organisers
  • Networkers
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LEMON Leadership will help you to identify which type of leader you are and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organization. Understanding these leadership types uncover keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders.

Take the LEMON Leadership quiz to find out what type of leader you are and how you can harness your strengths.

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