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Oura Ring

Readiness, Sleep, and Activity​

The Oura Ring makes health information personal and accessible to everyone, through three simple scores: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity.

Using advanced sensor technology and a minimal design combined with an easy-to-use mobile app the Oura Ring delivers precise, personalised health insights straight from your body – the most reliable source.

While you’re awake, Oura captures data that reflects your activity and movement.  When you’re sleeping, Oura captures meaningful data health & baseline data while your body is in a more consistent state.

Oura Ring Lady

Discover how the Oura Ring can help you Thrive and improve your life in our brand new Light Diet eBook, or by browsing through our blog and the Oura Ring website.

Oura Ring is available in Silver, Onyx, Dark Grey or Gold finishes and starts from $299 depending on the colour / finish chosen.

Click Buy Now to be taken to the Oura Ring Website and compare pricing of the various options.

Not sure what size is right for you? Visit the Sizing Guide on the Oura Ring website for more details.

Made To Thrive recommends the the Oura Ring as a fitness and health tool to help our readers Thrive in their every day lives. We are in no way associated or affiliated with Oura Health or the Oura Ring product range and do not earn any commissions on recommendations of these products.

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