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Personalised Performance Coaching Device

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The WHOOP strap is what you have been missing in the quest to optimise your health and life. Starting with daily measurements of sleep, strain, recovery and in app videos with experts like Andrew Huberman, the WHOOP takes personalised data to a whole new level with its unique daily journal that can capture over 140 variables but is tailored made by you to track what matters most to you.

From its incredible sleep coach to critical vital signs at a glance, and the brand new stress monitor, the WHOOP is a health and lifestyle gamechanger that will assist you in unlocking your potential and giving you the most personalised wearable experience on the market.

The Black WHOOP Strap & device can be ordered directly on our website, which includes free delivery in South Africa and a complimentary 30 minute Video Consult. Delivery takes up to 2 weeks.   Other WHOOP models and products can be custom ordered using the form below, and pricing will be quoted based on your needs.

What Does WHOOP Track?

The WHOOP Band and App can track and measure a wealth of wellness, fitness and health information. The WHOOP Subscriptions cruchnes these numbers along with your inputs to give you a holistic view of your body and what you may be needing.


Are you oversleeping or have a sleep deficit? WHOOP can tell you can guide you to optimising your sleep patterns. 100% of members with a Sleep Goal achieve their goal thanks to the invaluable data.

WHOOP Sleep Monitor


With the WHOOP band you can learn to pinpoint and recognise you Stress Triggers. This data ultimately helps you to better manage stress, or even avoid it by acting before it has a negative impact.


WHOOP measures all physical and mental demands on your body and produces a strain score. This data is used to help you set targets and manage your strain for better overall wellness.


All the Key Vitals at a glance such as Blood Oxygenation, Skin Temp and Heart Rate. A base line is established with triggered alerts when levels are elevated. Data can be shared with a Healthcare Professional.


Recovery is one of the most important metrics. The more recovered you are, the more your body can take on. Measured while you sleep, Revovery Score combines metrics from HRV, Sp02, Skin Temp and more.

Included in your WHOOP purchase is a complementary 30 minute Video consult to help you understand the data and see how Made To Thrive can help you maximise the benefits.  Or feel free, to browse how to understand the data on the WHOOP Website.

If you need help ordering or to understand how the device can fit into you biohacking journey, please contact us on the form below and a team member will be in touch.

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Try WHOOP - the Best Wellness Tracker in South Africa...

WHOOP Tracks Sleep, Stress, Strain, Recovery, and Health data, and offers personalised coaching. 

WHOOP Bands purchased direct from Made To Thrive include a 30 minute video consult to help you understand the data.

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