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You are 7x Stronger than you think with the X3 Bar
You are 7x Stronger than you think with the X3 Bar

Why the X3 Bar?

The X3 Bar is better than bands designed for your joints or a gym full of weights because it is designed to optimally target the correct areas with maximum force.

X3 Bar Comparison Chart

The X3 is a complete home gym system that uses variable resistance to build muscle faster and more effectively than free weights. With X3’s patented technology you can safely train with the proper forces for every range of motion.

It is priced From $549 depending on model

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X3 Bar is Trusted by Professional Athletes Worldwide

Elite professional athletes around the world depend on the X3 BAR as their primary strength and size building exercise device.

Made To Thrive recommends the the X3 Bar as a fitness tool to help our readers thrive and are in no way associated or affiliated with Jaquish Biomedical, or the X3 Bar product range and do not earn any commissions on recommendations of these products.

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