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Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Food Isnt About Feeding Your Stomach

Food Isn’t About Feeding Your Stomach

No matter how delicious something looks or tastes, food isn’t just about feeding your stomach or enjoying some delicious mouth pleasure. What food is aiming to accomplish is to nourish and support the biological functions of your body. And that isn’t happening at alarming rates. Global malnutrition, even in countries with food surpluses, is a disturbing trend. Yet it’s no mystery why. Food is not made equal. To get the same amount of nutrients, it takes eating literally kilos of some foods and literally just grams of others. And people are eating far too much of what provides them too little and far too little of what provides them more than enough.

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Bowl of Berries

Clean Up Your (Food) Act

Wholesome food gives us energy, sustains us, keeps us alive. It is a foundational need and more important than ever to choose foods wisely for your family. Unfortunately with all the exposure to pesticides, the chemicals found in food processing, and industrial pollutants that end up in the food chain, we can no longer take food at face value and trust that it provides us with everything that we are looking for. A more mindful approach is needed, which is what we look at in today’s article.

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