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The Messianic Crutch

The Messianic Crutch

Who’s going to save you? Think about it. Are you waiting on, or expecting that somebody or something is coming to save you and solve your problems? The truth is most of us are. Whether it’s big things, like protecting us from COVID-19, or smaller things, like making the changes to our habits and routines we know will improve our health, too many people are waiting on a messiah.

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Location, location, location

One of the things that leaders have to think about is the development of the members of their team. It is an interesting challenge, and is a responsibility that comes with the role.

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Fix or maintain cracks

Fix or maintain, that is the question

Hardly any world-class athletes, musicians or sports teams do not have a coach, yet we struggle to apply the same logic to other areas of our lives & careers. There is only so much you can do or accomplish on your own, and then there comes a time when you realise that to find those critical improvements you need someone to journey with you.

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