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Candles | Load Shedding

No Light Without Dark

There is no light without dark. Yes, the never ending interruptions of load shedding can be infuriating and enraging. But that’s your choice. The last true human freedom is our ability to choose our attitude and response in any given circumstances. Perhaps load shedding is simultaneously both national crisis and personal opportunity. Disconnect to connect. And since you’re already disconnected, why not connect?

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Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash

Lessons and Learning From the Coronacoaster

2020 was the year of the coronacoaster. A true rollercoaster of emotions, from extreme highs to extreme lows, I felt them with you. But in every crisis is opportunity. In the spirit of carpe punctum, I decided that 2020 was a year I could use to grow. Here are my lessons and learning from the coronacoaster summarised by the quotes and books that guided me through it.

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