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Bridget Spargo

Bridget Spargo

My journey began with a passion for healing & helping others, which was originally founded in nursing, a training and experience that has been a solid and steadfast foundation moulding my life’s achievements through the various aspects of the healthcare industry over the past 30 years.

Driven by this passion for creating and providing a more balanced lifestyle, for myself and others, led me to explore the various aspects of integrating my strong conventional medical background with that of the natural and herbal support systems and alternate treatment modalities. From Naturopathy basics, to the complexity of the Quantum Magnetic Resonance and recently cutting edge Biohacking tools – I have gained insight & skills, that allows me to integrate Lifestyle habits and western medical principles in order to treat every patient holistically – Addressing and treating the body, mind & soul.

The medical collaboration that happens by me providing health services to other Medical Practitioners results in superior treatment outcomes: Namely, Ozone treatments, Blood withdrawal for Platelet Rich Plasma, laboratory analysis, Administering Infusions, immune therapy, together with food intolerances testing.

One of my greatest strengths are well developed people skills developed through the years, with an ability to identify and encourage people to harness their potential and develop themselves. This has manifested in positive results and in so doing I have managed to develop an Integrative Biohacking Nursing Practice – providing optimal health care and support to my patients.

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