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Claudia Winkler

Claudia Winkler

If you’re looking for a partner to lead you in healing through (but not limited to):

  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Finding wellness and wellbeing: centring and grounding;
  • Stuck beliefs / frustration with life;
  • Limitations;
  • Emotional and physical pain;

Claudia will be a great fit for you.

As a certified Life Coach with Honours degrees in Psychology and English, Claudia believes in every person’s fullest potential. The coaching process is a dynamic collaboration of wellness and wholeness, connecting you with your true self and unblocking any distortion that may have formed during this journey we call life.

She is thrilled to celebrate the abundance that you are becoming, and is passionately committed to a powerful heart connection between you and your true self.

Claudia is intrigued by the effect of environmental factors on DNA and how we, as human beings, have the ability to step outside of our biggest fears and dissect them at a logical level, effectively combatting stress and other factors that impede our joy, and becoming more than we believe our DNA allows for. She’s an avid researcher, and continually pushes the envelope with human wholeness and healing.

Involved in techniques implemented in Cognitive Therapy, Reality Therapy, Family Therapy, inner healing and wholeness, and with a passion for Existentialism, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience, Claudia has an empathetic insight into the delicate interplay between brain, body, and mind, and the intricate play between self and community. She explores core values and core beliefs that construct the reality we create for ourselves, and desires to bring healing to areas of our lives we’ve broken or got stuck in. She is committed to seeing humans thrive in their original design, and is effective in equipping people to simplify the noise in life and become centred on what really matters; what’s most valuable to you.

She’s worked with a variety of private and corporate clients, both locally and internationally and is dynamic in her approach to equipping others to live their fullest, most fulfilling life.

Claudia is constantly curious and through this curiosity continues to unlock and research different healing techniques. She has fine-tuned her research in the area of centredness. Here, Claudia holistically breathes space into wellness, individually and corporately. In this space, she has spent a lot of time working with women and has explored and researched the effects of stress and discord on the feminine psyche. Through this exploration, Claudia has developed mindfulness classes that incorporate Cognitive Therapy and Existentialism, bringing women into a space of restoration and deep inner healing.

Thinking longitudinally, it is Claudia’s deepest desire to see humankind live in wellness, one powerful step at a time.

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