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Enrique Schoch da Silva

The Human Coach

Enrique Da Silva

Enrique Schoch da Silva, aka The Human Coach, is an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach who walks the walk as well as talks the talk when it comes to everything and anything in the world of health and wellness. His mission is to be of service to all those questing for wellbeing by re-discovering, re-igniting and empowering their inner human, hero and healer.

He prides himself in being a generalist with a far and wide spectrum of passions, pursuits and practices. Because health and wellbeing is an incredibly interconnected state, Enrique believes it requires a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Being a generalist with deep experiential and theoretical knowledge, he offers a truly unique coaching toolkit. From the fundamentals of food, movement and sleep to ancestral wisdoms and practices to the cutting edge power of biohacking, he draws upon all the wellness truth, tip and trick he’s come across to personalise his client’s path of healing and transformation.

But nothing is more fundamental to Enrique than connection. As non-human and un-natural behaviours, habits and environments have further and further disconnected us from our natural state, he stresses the need to re-connect with ourselves, our inner human being, with others, with nature and with the Earth herself. 

He believes the revival and resurgence of anyone’s health and wellbeing is in the rediscovery of their innate humanness, in reconnecting with their truest Self and creating a life of intention and purpose. His work is in co-discovering, co-exploring and co-creating a journey of real and sustainable lifestyle and behavioural change that empowers anyone to live a strong, meaningful, health and happy human life.

Otherwise, he spends his time in the pursuit of living a good life as well as exploring new curiosities. Yoga, climbing, chanting, cooking, reading, podcasting, hiking and board-gaming are among his regular weekly activities.

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