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Gudrun Hall

Gudran Hall

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What are the Deadly Food Sins?

Many foods we consume on a daily basis, with little thought, are actually harmful to the body giving off toxins and putting the body under unnecessary strains that could be avoided with small tweaks to diets, replacing the harmful items with more natural alternatives.

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I am a Certified Nutritionist and fitness instructor. I am passionate about helping people on their journey to health and wellbeing… 
Health has always been my passion – since I was 13. I always ate healthy – I knew more about how the body worked than most kids my age this journey, which led me to my certification in Nutrition, where i graduated Cum Laude.

As a fitness instructor, I completely understand the correlation between nutrition and Exercise – the pitfalls and signs of over training, and how it can sabotage your best efforts in achieving your goal weight and fitness goals.

Do you not wish there were healthy snacks that love you back? This is all possible with our help and we assist you to achieve this in time.

I always look to create some of those delicious healthy treats… that work for YOU, but also, where I empower to you make choices to get you into the best shape of your life, physically and nutritionally.

My aim is to see you transform both mentally and physically and maintain your ideal weight –because you are happy in your own skin.

My main aim is that we connect – and synergise and HAVE FUN – because that yields the best results in your personal journey to wellness and health. Maybe you are in crisis and can’t sleep, suffer with fatigue, brain fog, cravings moodiness, low energy. Maybe you need some one-on-one time with me to chat & clear some things up about your personal nutrition or the wellbeing and health of your spouse or teenager… I have solutions that are sustainable and render results with a partnership and commitment to see the results through WITH YOU to the end. I don’t believe in quick fixes…yoyo dieting doesn’t add up to much. I am your coach & your biggest support.

If you are looking for RESULTS, connect with me as a Coach so I can put together a meal plan or training schedule personalised – JUST FOR YOU

I am passionate about what I do and I would Love to help you – and give you the many lessons I’ve learnt in health, wellness and staying looking good your whole life…


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