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Kim Anderssen

Coach: Toxic Free Living

Kim Anderssen

I am a mom, coach, and mediator. I am also a natural health and toxin-free living advocate. I understand that our bodies, given the right tools, know exactly how to take care of themselves. Yet often we undermine this everyday with our choices. Our bodies operate on just two things: what you put in and what you take out. And every day we make one of two decisions: we either help our bodies or we make it very hard for our bodies to function optimally with the poor choices we make.

Everyone wants a good life with good health. It comes down to conscious choices, beginning with an awareness of what your body needs so that you can move in the right direction.

Living above the wellness line is easier than you think. I am passionate about helping people make choices that aid their bodies’ overall wellbeing. Together, we work to identify any unconscious habits that result in strain on the body’s ability to be well. This includes anything that is obviously not good for you, like smoking, anxiety, stress, lack of exercise, hangovers. It also includes areas where you may be unconsciously absorbing, and unfortunately accumulating, toxins and chemical build up. This unknowingly results in high levels of bioaccumulation that also puts enormous strain on the body.

We also look at healthier options to put into your body and feed it with what it needs: exercise, nutrients,

I have learned that we do not need toxins & chemicals to be healthy, clean, smell good or look beautiful. We don’t even need chemicals to sanitize our hands or our homes. And much of the time, there are many healthier and more effective options to traditional pharmaceuticals for our wellbeing.

I am passionate about helping people to “ditch and switch” out these harmful products, and sometimes even relationships, that overwhelm the body causing stress, dis-ease, chronic pain, inflammation, and hormone disruption, and can be the triggers to more serious health concerns.

While this may seem overwhelming, it’s really not. And. I am here to guide you through it. We’ve all been brainwashed to believed that these are the only products that can help us in our homes and lives. I’ve been there. There’s no judgement. But I’m here to help you make better choices. And once you know better, you do better.

This can involve switching out personal care products and household cleaning products for healthier, plant-based versions. It involves natural options for common and chronic health concerns, all backed up with testimonials. It can even involve reconsidering toxic relationships that don’t feed you.

Let me help you live your best life with optimal health.

Good Choice!

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